Virtual Facilitation: Getting Started, Maintaining Engagement, and Keeping Discussions Alive

As learning programs continue to evolve into more virtual formats, it’s important that facilitators are equipped with the appropriate skills to guarantee an increase in the amount of engagement among learners. This includes using the tools provided by virtual learning designers, and collaborating with various platforms to create engaging sessions that bring joy to everyone who participates.

Getting started

The first moments of a live meeting could decide whether participants will connect or not. Facilitators can keep their audience engaged by introducing their safe space, expectations, and the goals of the session in positive, enthusiastic manner early on.

Maintaining engagement

Virtual facilitation can be a challenge due to the technical challenges as well as logistical issues, which can cause emotional stress. As a result, developing an empowering and collaborative relationship with site participants is crucial to the success of VF. A number of studies suggested ways to strengthen relationships, including regular communication through instant messaging and emails.

In keeping discussions alive

Online facilitators can help facilitate student engagement through interactive tools such as audio, video and chat. Chatting during a session can encourage active participation. It’s also inspiring to see multiple attendees typing “I agree” and similar responses to an inquiry. Online facilitators can also make use of their voice to interact with the attendees.

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