ITE UET is a first international student chapter of ITE affiliated with ITE International & UET. ITE UET Student Chapter got its approval on November 09, 2015 from ITE International USA by efforts of our founding members. Within a short span of less than a year, ITE UET has got more than 1000 members including students of B.Sc., M.Sc. , PHD and also professionals working in the industry.
The establishment of ITE UET has provided the students a platform to learn new technical skills and to attain professionalism. ITE UET has been established to provide opportunity to the students to explore the latent experiences and achieve intellectual ascendency. It promotes the professional development of its members by engaging them in research, planning, functional design of transportation engineering projects and other such productive activities. ITE UET will also assist in the technical upbringing of its members. ITE UET has also provided a platform for the students to interact with the professionals and gain knowledge and social skills.


ITE NED is the second student chapter of ITE Pakistan, in NED University Karachi