The Engineering Process

The engineering process is the set of steps engineers take to create functional processes and products. It is an iterative method that can be used to create prototypes or improve existing solutions. It’s also a fantastic tool to improve problem-solving skills and develop an “design under constraints” mindset. The process of engineering design is a lot like the scientific method, but engineers employ creativity and design.

Identify the issue

The first step is to identify the necessary elements for the success of the project. This requires a lot of brainstorming, and the engineer must often consider the constraints (e.g. materials, time, tools) when coming up with possible solutions. This process requires an engineer also to evaluate the various options by identifying strengths and weaknesses and selecting the best solution to reach the goal of the project.

Develop Ideas

Engineers can choose to employ different strategies to create solutions including brainstorming and discussion to CAD modeling in 2D and animation. The resulting solutions can be visualized and compared with the requirements of the problem to help find the best solution.

Once the final design is determined, it’s time to design the prototype. It can be as simple a sketch on a piece of paper or an actual prototype made with CAD software. Whatever the case, this step permits the engineer to test out the final product and check whether it achieves the intended goals.

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